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Traumatologie hat nichts mit Träumen zu tun. Trauma bezeichnet medizinisch alle akuten physischen Schädigungen eines Menschen in Form eines Unfalls. 

Bei schwerwiegenden Verletzungen oder akuten Frakturen am Bewegungsapparat übernimmt die Traumatologie die Behandlung des Patienten. Mit unseren Knochenersatzmaterialien, DBM's und Membranen unterstützen wir diverse Indikationen. 


Schulter und Oberarm

  • Humerus Fraktur proximal

  • Klavikula Fraktur

  • Scapula Fraktur

Ellbogen und Unterarm

  • Humerus Fraktur distal

  • Olekranon Fraktur

  • Ulna Fraktur proximal

  • Radius Fraktur proximal

Hand und Handgelenk

  • Radiusfraktur distal



  • Kompressionsfrakturen HWS, BWS, LWS

Hüfte, Becken, Oberschenkel

  • Femur Schaft Fraktur proximal

Knie und Unterschenkel

  • Tibia Fraktur

  • Morbus Blount

  • Defektauffüllung nach Impressionsfrakturen

Fuss und Sprunggelenk

  • Sprunggelenks Fraktur

  • Calcaneus Fraktur

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We are happy to offer free places if you cannot afford right now. We don’t believe there should be any barrier to practice. Please get in touch for more details.

Do I need a separate booking if I'm practising with my housemate/spouse?

No, if there are a couple of you joining from the same household, please feel free to come together.

Do I need to have my mic and camera on?

No. All mics will be muted by the teacher during the practice to avoid disctraction, so feel free to laugh, chat, cry or play music during your practice. Before and after the class please feel free to turn on your mic to chat to the teacher and fellow students. It is up to you whether you have your camera on or not. It can feel nice and contribute to the 'community' feel by practising with your camera on, but if you enjoy the privacy or have a busy household and and would rather keep the camera off, that is also fine. Please note that if you do have your camera on, spend a few moments finding the best place for it, keep the light or window in front of you or you'll be a shadow, and position it away from you, so we can see you in standing and lying down postures.

How do I join the worksop?

Once you've booked your place you'll recieve an email with the joining link. All classes will be held on zoom and all of our meetings are secure and each zoom link unique to you. Please arrive a few minutes before the class is due to begin to account for any technical trouble.

What platform is the workshop hosted on?

All of our classes are live streamed on Zoom in secure and encrypted meetings. Each participant receives a link to enter (which shouldn't be shared) and will enter a waiting room upon arrival. Meeting links are not shared anywhere and so only our students can join. All of these classes are recorded.

Which countries can I join from?

Through the power of the internet you can join from any country. All of our payments are currently processed by Stripe who accept card payments from 135+ countries. The schedule is displayed in BST (GMT+1) and the prices in GBP. Please follow these links to check the time and price in your country.

My internet connection isn't great, will I be able to join?

We stream all of our classes via Zoom who will alter the quality of the stream dependant on your internet connection. For example, if you have a good connection you will receive a HD quality image and great audio. If your internet isn't brilliant you will get a reduced quality image but it should still be good enough to participate fully. We recommend an internet connection of at least 1mb/s. You can check the speed of your connection here.

How do I book the workshop?

Please click here to register for the class. If you do not already have a Frog Project account, you'll be prompted to do this also. Once payment has been made you'll be sent a confirmation email and a link to join the class. You will also get a reminder email an hour before the class will begin.

I can't join the class live, will there be a recording?

Yes. The recording will be available to everybody who has purchased a ticket for 7 days after the workshop.

I have injuries or other limitations, can I still join?

Yes, absolutely. Our yoga is made accessible to all. Please have cushions, blankets and a comfortable place to rest.